Breast Reconstruction

    After the surgeon oncologist has had to extirpate the breast for cancer, there exists the possibility of reconstructing it, it has been demonstrated that this surgery (mastectomy) is strongly mutilante for the woman, leaving emotional, personal problems and of partner.


The reconstruction can do in two forms:

      Inmediate       : When the tumor is on initial stage and the surgeon oncologist glides to do the eradication of the
                               gland preserving the skin, in this case it will be possible to re-do the breast by means of the
                               laying of a mammary implant.

      Not inmediate : It is possible to reconstruct in late form when there is no the safety of eliminating completly the
                               tumor, this one is realized between 12 and 48 months after the surgery to be sure the tumor has
                               been eradicated completamente, this reconstruction can do with stretching of the skin with an
                               expansor and later reconstruction with implant, or by means of the transfer of textile of another
                               side of the organism as abdomen or back. Consult his surgeon for more details or the page




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