Discover everything wath PLASTIC SURGERY it can make by you
of the Surgery and art of the Plastic to your service, in order
to help you to feel good … seeing yourself well


              The purpose of this page is to inform you about all the details of the Plastic Surgery to the one that you are thinking to
           surrender, as well as to establish a direct route of contact to clarify any doubt in the matter, we hope that it should be
           useful to you.
              The Plastic Surgery is a subspecialty of the Surgery which principal target is to restore the best appearance so much
           in morphologic problems with the Face-lift as in the produced ones for illnesses, surgeries or cancer, since the
           reconstructive part does it.

               It is for this for which the Plastic Surgeon attends to a very extensive scale of problems in the whole organism, for
           what it must have adiestramiaento surgically extensively firstly doing speciality in General Surgery later to do training
           in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.



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